Warm Welcome To Wallkanda — Where Urban Art Meets Web3

3 min readOct 27, 2021

Web3 has arrived. What came with it is an entirely new way of doing things. Web3 the internet of value. Web3 the free open market based on public open protocols. Web3 where governance and profit are shared fairly among participants.

Web3 has the intrinsic power to transform many markets. One of them is street art.

What Is Wallkanda?

Wallkanda.art is the Web3 platform dedicated specifically to supporting, spreading, and sustaining the urban art community.

Our vision is to bring wealth to the entire urban art community, through new sources of income and interaction.

Our mission is to become an unstoppable moving force bridging the 2 biggest contemporary artistic movements of the 21st century: crypto and street art.

At the heart of this new world, NFT is the medium that enables much-needed innovation, collaboration, and deeper interaction.

With Wallkanda, street artists can now turn their artworks made in the public space into a unique and certified digital asset.

No need to be commissioned or to work on canvas to make a living out of your art.

Three Guardians by Chris Saunders

The Backend

We are a bunch of art lovers building new tools to unleash the most undervalued art movement of all.

We are kind of an R&D organization dedicated to bringing Web3 innovation to the street.

We don’t know what the future will look like but we sure will try to build it.

Just as urban art is public, our tools are open source so all creative industries can embrace this paradigm shift.

Appear Disappear by Jo Ber

The Community

As Web3 advocates, building transparency and a strong community is core to our values. What we offer is a place where art lovers and urban artists can meet.

Just like crypto can bring tribalism and maximalism, urban art is divided into multiple subcategories that have their thought divergences. In all this diversity, creating a real community that looks out for each other is probably the biggest challenge of this adventure.

Without openness and kindness, we won’t be able to create this feeling of belonging. Without you guys, we are just some lines of code.

We are eager to work with you, to experiment endlessly. The creativity and resourcefulness of the crypto and street art community at large are endless.

Join us in our exciting journey to open the urban art market through technology.

The End Game

If you could structure the perfect art market conditions, what would it be?

Street art brings so much value to so many people, there is enough to be redistributed and shared by the ones that contribute to it.

There are not a lot of art movements that get the chance to be shaped bottom-up by the artists themselves.

The digital and crypto-art kind of did. The street art market can do it too.

Are you curious about institutionalizing this art movement in a cool way?

Are you inspired by our vision to open the street art market so it can spread and self-sustain itself?

Then consider joining our discord and participating in the conversation.

Let’s turn our cities into beautiful giant canvases!

Empowering creatives has always been a dream job of mine. Thank you to the team, partners, and artists for your trust.

I am so glad to be part of this journey with you and hope more of you will join us in shaping the future market of street art.





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