Wallkanda SUMMER update

2 min readJun 23, 2022

As Summer is around the corner, it’s time to do a little update on what’s going on @Wallkanda

For those of you that follow us from the start, you know we have been teasing a new upgrade from a long time: The lazy minting feature.

Unfortunately, it took us more time than expected to deliver, due to some internal changes

Internal difficulties

Beginning of 2022, the CTO of Wallkanda, Anthony, decided to leave the project to take a different path.

I thought that during this difficult time, it would be wiser to handle this crisis in intern and not spread FUD to the community and I am sorry I wasn’t more transparent with you guys.

The architecture, the framework, the language, the database, the front, the back. Everything took more time than expected because of all the little components that had to be harmonized and upgraded.

Simon, our lead blockchain dev now CTO has been able to solve and patch all the issues one after the other but a big, fresh transition will have to occur again in the future.

Today the smart contracts are awesome and deployed. Only remains the front to be updated which is not the hardest part at this point. But it took more than 5 months to transit to this “simple” upgrade.

Getting ready finally

We have been working hard on this new feature and the overall upgrade of the platform for the most part of. 2022.

While we were updating the smart contract and the UX of the platform, we have kept on onboarding talented artists but also holding them back. We ask them to wait the new contracts before minting. That was very frustrating for us and for them, but it was for the best. But things are coming to life now:

Exciting news

To keep you engaged and enthusiastic, we have organized quite some fun events in the meanwhile (NFT Battles, Google Hunt, Crew3, Brussels, decentralizing our logo, etc.) but now its time to go back to the basics: supporting artists & spreading art

In addition to the dozens of artworks that will be dropped on the platform all along the summer, we will be launching the CryptoGraffers collection. Despite the market conditions, we will make sure our first supporters and believers will benefits a lot from this drop.

Exciting news ahead so stay tuned and join our Discord if it’s not done yet!




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